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Locally owned and operated, Best Hearing Care Inc. is committed to provide comprehensive hearing healthcare to Bradford and neighbourhood community.

To speak, see and hear is natural and essential for every person. Unfortunately, at one point of your life you realize that some of the sounds are eluding you, become unreachable and decide to test your hearing. If this is the case, Best Hearing Care Inc. is exactly the place you need to go to. We are not just selling the hearing and rehabilitation devices, including digital ones, we are offering solutions, quality of life enhancement for deaf and hearing-impaired people.

Best Hearing Care Inc. is offering full package of hearing aids devices and rehabilitation services. Our specialists will select and customize digital and other inside and behind the ear hearing aids devices. If required, we will provide with the individual ear inserts. At our facility you can always acquire various accessories, such as batteries and charges for hearing aids devices, cleaning and other care products, as well as rehabilitation hearing technology, such as FM systems, systems for social and household adaptation. We provide all our clients with warranties from1 to 3 years, depending on a product.

Best Hearing Care Inc. dispenses digital, behind the ear, inside the ear, in the canal, invisible and other hearing aid models.

At each step you are supervised by the qualified professionals offering suited only for you technical device for the rehabilitation.

The hearing aid fitting process consists of several critical steps:

Conducting auditory tests on modern diagnostic equipment using advanced techniques

Selection from an extensive list of hearing aids offered by domestic and foreign manufacturers that most accurately meets the characteristics of the client’s hearing and is able to compensate for hearing loss as accurately as possible

Advice and training on hearing aid use

Best Practices

At Best Hearing Care Inc., you can always purchase related accessories and devices that can expand the capabilities of the hearing systems selected specifically for you. In addition, our specialists offer a full range of services, including preventive maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repair of any hearing aids.

Our client centered approach places you at the forefront of all that we do. We work with you to assess your hearing and help determine the best solution for your unique hearing needs.

Best Hearing Care Inc. has high standards of work, optimal and individual conditions for everyone!

Our Services

Hearing diagnostics

Hearing diagnostics

Hearing diagnostics is the most important condition for checking the functioning of all organs entering the human auditory system. Helps to timely determine the type and degree of hearing loss. The use of modern diagnostic equipment during its implementation makes it possible to identify violations of the auditory function even in newborns.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids

Hearing replacement is the selection and adjustment of a hearing aid for the individual hearing loss of a hearing impaired person. It is recommended to use the services of hearing aids only in specialized centers, where it is possible to ensure obtaining reliable results of the state of the hearing organs using high-tech modern diagnostic equipment.

Hearing aid warranty and repair

Hearing aid warranty and repair

Timely profilactic and careful daily care of the hearing aid is a guarantee that it will work for a long time, with high quality and without breakdowns. Best Hearing Care Inc. offers residents of Bradford and nearby areas, regardless of their place of residence, a full range of services for servicing hearing aids.

Manufacturing of individual inserts

Manufacturing of individual inserts

Individual earmolds are practically invisible in the auricle and have significantly greater capabilities compared to conventional standard earmolds, because they completely follow the contours of the ear canal, providing geometry, unsurpassed comfort, and improve heat transfer with the patient’s ear skin.

Hearing aids on credit / by installments

Hearing aids on credit / by installments

In order to buy your favorite CA model, now there is no need to wait until you have accumulated all the necessary amount of money. In our center, you can purchase it in installments or get a loan for a hearing aid!

Hearing aids and add. equipment

Hearing aids and add. equipment

Our catalog contains hearing aids from leading manufacturers from all over the world.


It takes time to get used to the idea of wearing hearing aids. Maybe you’ve been to the doctor’s, learned about hearing loss online and talked to friends and family about your hearing loss. Now it’s time to make an appointment with a hearing specialist. What can you expect from that first appointment? We’ll take you through your appointment, step by step.

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